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forged by magic

Triggers may include:

fighting, injuries, death, graphic sexual content

Get married or save the world? Being me sucks.

I’m Zoey, a half-human stuck on a space station above Earth. Sounds cool, right? It’s not. Especially when I’m constantly being hounded to marry a guy who only wants to control me. But what is a girl to do when Earth no longer thrives like it once had? 

I wish this was my only problem. 

A time-traveling wizard somehow finds me and claims he needs my help saving the world. While I didn’t want to leave my home and travel to the desolate planet below, I also didn’t want to stay and marry Race either. 

So Earth, here I come.

The wizard’s task seems impossible. What’s worse is that I discover I have magical powers and have to find the artifacts he needs to close the rift that brought magic to this realm.

I can’t do it alone. I need help from a sailor, a fire mage, and a weapons specialist. I know better than to trust strangers, but when I meet a gorgeous demi-god with eyes the color of molten amber, who am I to argue? For once, I have hope.

Well, that is, until I learn I’m the prime suspect in a murder that happened the night I left home. 

With the Patrol chasing me for a murder I didn’t commit and the Order out to stop me from collecting the relics, I must rely on more than myself to get through this. If I can’t, then no one will be able to stop the Order from taking over the world.

Wanna buy directly from me?

Kidnapped twice in one week? My life is out of control. 

Just as I’m getting over the shock of being transported back to Calliope, causing me to lose my memories of the past six weeks, I’m drugged and taken by someone I thought I could trust. 

My best friend Jack says I’m supposed to save the world, but I have no idea what he’s talking about. My mind is a fragmented mess: 

A wizard with a magic book

A bunch of artifacts I have to track down

A strange creature made of smoke  

A pair of amber eyes that haunt my dreams 

A name…Kyro

If only I could figure out how those pieces fit together, maybe I could get back what I’ve lost. 

I have to figure out who I can trust, and fast. It sounds like the Patrol is closing in on me, and the Order isn’t far behind. 

Since I found out that Jack has been hiding things from me for years, I feel completely alone. I have to find a way to get my memories back if I’m going to complete this mission. 

Making my way back to the Sea Shadow proves more difficult than anticipated. I’m desperate to get back to the quest. Is it because of what’s at stake, or the feelings of passion when I dream of Kyro? 

The world is counting on me, and I’m running out of time.

Wanna buy directly from me?

Now imprisoned by the Order, we might all meet our end. 

I’m forced to stay here, in this series of caves, held prisoner by a man who looks like my dead ex. It can’t really be him, can it? 

If only I knew for certain. Now I face life at his mercy. After he separates me from my friends, my memories start to fade. I can’t remember their faces anymore. I can barely remember anything. 

Despite Race trying to turn me into his perfect wife and keeping me from remembering who I am, nothing can stop me from discovering the truth. The all-consuming attraction I have toward a prisoner in the mines should feel wrong, but it doesn’t. His amber eyes entrance me, and I have flashes of intimate moments with him–of a life I need to remember. 

I have to remember and find a way out of here. Not only do the people I care about need me, so does the world. If I don’t get the artifacts to the rift and close it on the Solstice, there will be no way to stop the Order from taking over the world. All will be lost. The Order can’t win.

Wanna buy directly from me?