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hunters of the forest

Triggers include:

violence, death, torture, kidnapping, human experimentation, vampires feeding, graphic sexual content


All I want is one birthday where my loves and I get to celebrate together without any problems. Sounds simple enough, right? 

Not for a vampire-wolf hybrid who’s being hunted by a rogue group aligned with our enemies.. 

My guys and I will never be able to defeat this new threat alone, so my soulmate, Kayden, enlists the help of his wolf friends. 


As a reject shifter who can’t shift, I’ll do anything to prove my worth. Cue agreeing to a new job assignment. All I have to do is protect Delilah Stone, a rare vampire-wolf hybrid, from an unforseen enemy. 

I gave my word that I would help protect Delilah, but is a wolf who can’t shift going to be enough? I must be the one to figure it out before it’s too late.

This is a crossover novella that connects the Vampires at Midnight series to the Hunters of the Forest series.

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Being a wolf shifter who can’t shift sucks. If only I could find a way to break this curse. 

I should be the one taking control of our pack from my father, not my obnoxious brother. Every time I do something heroic, he gets the credit. Instead, I’m forced to train every day, harder than any of the wolves in our pack or association. 

When wolves start disappearing, my brother is sent to investigate. As if this mystery wasn’t enough to deal with, my brother goes missing. I need to find out why but can’t do it alone. 

My best friend and his human acquaintance join my search, along with two rival alphas. Things get even more complicated when all four men profess their love for me. How can I prove myself when these four men want to protect and care for me?

I should be scared of the big, bad alpha wolves, but instead I’m drawn to them. And as for the human, my family would disown me if they found out I wanted him too. Yet part of me craves giving up my quest in favor of falling into their bed. But I’m no damsel in distress. I’ll fight to save everyone, or die trying. 

My investigation leads me to a coven of witches deep in the woods. Secrets come to light, and I have to decide if I can be what everyone wants, or if I should run away. One wrong choice, and my pack will be doomed.

After accidentally bonding with two of my mates, I discovered secrets that were kept from me. These things have changed my life—I can’t go back to what I was now that I know what I am.

I’m committed to stopping Amber and her followers. They’re still kidnapping wolves and vampires, and now they’ve started taking humans, too. We’re stuck trying to figure out what they hope to accomplish. 

Amber crosses a line when she takes one of my mates. I will find her, and I will save him, no matter the cost. 

I’ve lost my family, but found myself. I have to figure out exactly what that means. I know there are more answers waiting for me, and I must find them. My obsession may chase everyone away.

When we start finding bodies, things get urgent. Since they’ve taken one of my mates, it’s personal. I have to save Luca before it’s too late.

Being pulled through a portal into the Fae Realm is a bit disconcerting. Who am I kidding? It’s scary as hell! I’m in a new world, with foreign customs and have no idea what I’m doing here. 

I can feel my mates, but the connections are weak. A mysterious stranger, the man who brought me here, offers his help. Can I trust him? I have no idea, and no choice. I need to find a way home before it’s too late. The Wolf Moon is approaching, and I’m running out of time.

Panic grips my heart when I find out that James is fatally injured for the second time since we’ve bonded. Will his brother do what’s necessary—what I beg him for— to keep James with us? If he does, will James ever forgive me? 

Once I make it back home, things are different. I must fix our mate bonds so we can work together. We’re fighting for more than just our peace. I can’t let Amber win this battle, or I’ll lose my life along with my powers.