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omegaverse standalones

Triggers include:

violence, torture, death, murder, mention of past abuse, stalkers, graphic sexual content

These books are omegaverse standalones that are not connected to each other, or any of my other worlds.

Growing up in a small town has its perks. I know everyone, and everyone knows me. It also has drawbacks…everyone knows my business too. My dating life is non-existent until a trio of men move into town. Next door, in fact.

I’m drawn to them for reasons I can’t explain.

As an omega, I want nothing more than to find my pack and settle down. There are plenty of dependable, worthwhile suitors here. I shouldn’t be so focused on the new guys in town, but here I am, offering them a home cooked meal and finding every other excuse I can to spend more time with them.

Before I know it, they’ve convinced me to join their tech company as a consultant, and I’m spending every day with them. As Valentine’s Day approaches, they make their intentions pretty clear, but I’m not sure that I’m ready for what they have in mind.

Will I let them convince me, or lose my chance at happiness?

Wanna buy directly from me?

Being the only child of an infamous mafia family is hard, especially when my father wanted a son but got a daughter. Add being an omega, and it’s worse. My day to day life is filled with thugs to protect me and violence I just can’t escape. My father controls every aspect of my life, including who I can date. 

Omegas like me are choice property and worth millions to the right buyer.

When I’m taken by Father’s enemies, I fear my fate is sealed. If I don’t give these men what they want, I could lose more than I already have. If I do, I could lose myself. 

But maybe I don’t know who I am.

Now that I’ve had a taste of true freedom, I crave them even as I fight against their demands. My oncoming heat looms, reminding me that I desperately need an alpha. Or three. But Jarek and I hate each other, Rafael betrayed me, and Milo thinks I’m dead. Since those are the only three alphas I’ve ever been attracted to, I feel as if I’m out of luck. 

Then Milo unexpectedly shows up, and I think I’m being rescued. But my captors make him an offer he may not refuse. Will he join them against my family? 

I’m torn between my loyalty to my family and my attraction to these men. If I make the wrong decision, I could destroy everything.