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paranormal standalones

Trigger Warnings include:

violence, murder, graphic sex, torture, secrets, lies, shifters, vampires

We are the Femme Fatale Freakshow.

The things that go bump in the night. The monster of your nightmares. The blade in the shadows. The bitter end you never saw coming.

And we are sex personified.


Taking It Off

What’s that old saying? Oh, yeah. It ain’t easy being me. It’s clich√©, but it’s true.

It’s one thing for my friends to find out that their mild-mannered gal pal is a camgirl.

I can’t let them learn my secret. They can’t know about my late night dealings or the job that’s made me wealthy enough to buy it the whole city if I want. 

No one can know that I’m a hit man, or woman, whatever. 

It’s a lonely life, but what can I do? I take things one job at a time, until a mysterious invitation turns my life upside down. 

Until recently, I’ve been the queen of balance and have kept my two lives separate. 

Now I’m falling for my best friends, but my secret threatens to tear us apart. If they ever learn that I caused their tragedy, I’ll lose them forever.

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