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the pack next door

Triggers include:

death of a child, parental abuse of adult child, manipulation, violence, attempted sexual assault, infertility, medical procedures related to infertility, death, graphic sexual content

This series consists of interconnected standalone novels that can be enjoyed in any order.

These are omegaverse reverse harem novels, containing knotting, nesting, and heats.

Tragedy chased me away. Trickery brought me home. My omega order now leaves me at the mercy of an affluent family my parents sold me to. 

Damn an omega’s lack of rights.

After my new ‘owner’ tries to assault me in public, the crowned prince, Drake Brighton, and the reason I ran away, comes to my rescue. Somehow his ridiculous claim of me being his wife saves me from an unimaginable future. 

Now, my childhood dreams seem to be coming true. Growing up with the Brighton boys, I had wanted nothing more than to be their omega. After all, I’d been in love with them since our pretend wedding when we were kids. 

If only an omega could truly get her happily ever after. It’s nearly impossible, especially when I’m in love with royalty and long-buried secrets threaten my dream life. Not to mention an assassination and budding wars. Now I must decide if love and the life I’ve always wanted are worth fighting for, and if I can forgive those who’ve wronged me. The cost just might be too great.

Barren omegas live a cursed life.

At almost thirty, I haven’t had my first heat. Mother insists I keep my secret if I want any semblance of a good life. As for me? I’m madly in love with the Davenport boys from next door. 

I’ve grown from a tomboy, playing in the mud with them to a pretty omega taught how to please. But one thing hasn’t changed: the desire to be more than friends.

Except I’m damaged goods. 

No pack will want me, because there’s no way I’ll be able to give them children. So when my omega assignment comes in, Mother wants me to lie. I’m torn between my love for my best friends and dooming their bloodline.

With every passing day, my heart breaks, and I’m running out of options. A couple of bad decisions later, I realize I might have been wrong about everything. But what if I’m too late? I could destroy our lives.

Being an omega princess sucks.

Both princesses and omegas are trained to keep their mouths shut and obey. But omegas play a deadly game of chance because we have no choice. We’re property to be auctioned off and used as our owners see fit.

And my royal parents planned to find the highest bidder.

So I ran away. I didn’t want that sort of life.

I joined the Omega Rights Movement to fight for the same freedoms as everyone else. I’ve fought to keep my identity secret to protect my child from those who would hurt us, both royal and peasant.

With the help of my loves, I transformed myself from Bianca Pierce, princess, to Bianca Windsor, rebel. I’ve moved up the ranks of the ORM and will fight to the death for those I love and those who need my protection.

Together, we will fight my parents for the changes omegas need. If we succeed, I’ll rise as Queen. If we fail, the kingdom and our family will fall.

Being an omega in a newly formed democracy isn’t easy. 

I have rights that others fought to put in place. I can’t just resort to the way things were before. Becoming a stay-at-home wife and mother to a pack who doesn’t respect me is not my idea of a good time. There has to be another way. 

Everyone’s expectations weigh on me until I finally give in and join the dating site that took over after the omega matching ceremonies were stopped. 

My family is overjoyed when a match is suggested quickly. I’m hopeful until our first date. Will disappointment ruin Christmas? 

I’m almost too distracted to notice the three handsome guys who keep coming into the bakery where I work. I think they’re flirting, but I can’t be sure. I’m probably projecting, since my heat is coming soon.

I need to figure something out before our holiday dinner in two short weeks. Otherwise I’ll be forced into a bad match by my parents.