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vampires at midnight

Triggers include:

vampires feeding, violence, maiming of a main character, murder, arson, explosions, graphic sexual content

Two vampires want me, but they want to destroy each other more. 

Now, I’m trapped in the middle.

After discovering there was more to the secret dealings in the back of Midnight, my uncle’s bar, I’m thrust into a supernatural turf war between two powerful men. Viktor and Strain—two sexy leaders of rival corporations—not only fight over the city, jeopardizing humanity, but they also want to claim me. Neither wants to share—the city or me—and this feud might be the end of life as I know it. 

My trust in Viktor weakens as things stop adding up and secrets threaten my existence. As for Strain? His persistence in claiming me could get me killed. 

I’m one bad choice away from losing everything, but I’m willing to risk it for the men I’m falling in love with. It’s not just my life on the line, though. My decision to allow such a claim by the two most powerful vampires could be fatal and change everything. And worse, it might destroy the human race altogether.

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Getting shot sucks. What’s worse is waking up after a life-altering event and not remembering anything. Now I have to figure out who I am and decide if that’s who I want to be. Because this version of me now, scares me. It also makes me stronger. Who knew things could be so complicated?

The gorgeous man who saved me makes things easier. If Declan Roarke hadn’t stepped in, I would have died. Except that he’s not just a man. He’s a vampire. 

With his protection, I’m able to work through my rage at not being able to remember who I am. His caring nature also helps heal me from my injuries. I find some semblance of normalcy. But even with Declan’s help, I know something is missing. Or maybe someone? I’m not sure. It feels like I’ve lost more than just memories. 

When Declan goes up against two vampires who control the opposite half of the city, I feel strangely drawn to them, as if they might be the missing pieces. Can I convince these three bloodthirsty vampires that this is more than about their need to claim me? Because something inside me knows I’ve claimed them first. I need their protection as much as they need to have me. If I can’t, they’ll destroy the city I love.

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Escaping the hunters wasn’t easy, especially with what they did to Eli. We wouldn’t be free now without Kayden. Of course, it was his fault we were captured at all. There’s no denying that my body wants the sexy wolf shifter, but can he be trusted? 

Figuring out who was behind the tainted Powder operation was a great success. Being captured by our enemies, not so much. 

But it made me stronger. Ruthless. It transformed me into something new and wild. 

And now I’m on the hunt. I need to find the man responsible for the horrors he put me and my guys through and shut down his operation. The fate of our city’s vampire population is in my hands. I have no idea if we will even make it out alive. 

The only thing I know for sure is—this is war.

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Two rival vampires walk into a bar–no, it’s not just a bad joke. That’s the story of how my life turned upside down. Or maybe right-side up. Because the one thing these powerful men agree on is that they want me, all to themselves.

But becoming entangled with them opens me up to a world of danger and secrets that may yet get me killed, whether I accept their claims on me or not.

All of which gets more complicated when my world is thrown for another loop and I wind up bringing a third vampire into the mix… Hope they’re prepared for the sexy wolf shifter I can’t stop salivating over.

If the five of us can all get on the same page, though, maybe we’ll figure out a way to save this city we all call home.

This is an omnibus edition containing Blood Moon, Blood Lost, and Blood War.

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All I want is one birthday where my loves and I get to celebrate together without any problems. Sounds simple enough, right? 

Not for a vampire-wolf hybrid who’s being hunted by a rogue group aligned with our enemies.. 

My guys and I will never be able to defeat this new threat alone, so my soulmate, Kayden, enlists the help of his wolf friends. 


As a reject shifter who can’t shift, I’ll do anything to prove my worth. Cue agreeing to a new job assignment. All I have to do is protect Delilah Stone, a rare vampire-wolf hybrid, from an unforseen enemy. 

I gave my word that I would help protect Delilah, but is a wolf who can’t shift going to be enough? I must be the one to figure it out before it’s too late.

This is a crossover novella that connects the Vampires at Midnight series to the Hunters of the Forest Series.

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